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Premier  Early Learning Center (PELC), a brand new, state of the  art child care facility located at 3450 Roosevelt Ave.  At Premier Early  Learning Center, our mission is to provide a safe and developmentally  appropriate learning environment, which fosters a child’s natural desire  to explore, discover and grow.  

Premier  Early Learning Center provides an atmosphere that encourages and  strengthens creativity,  social, emotional, physical, and cognitive  growth through children’s play and small and whole group instruction in  the classroom. These opportunities and experiences provided throughout  the day will provide children with the tools and skills required to  become independent lifelong learners and confident problem solvers.

Premier  Early Learning Center’s philosophy reflects the research-based  understanding that play is a necessary tool to children’s health and  well-being, and foundational to children learning. Children express  curiosity, interest, initiative and problem solving in exploring the  environment, engaging in experiences, and learning new skills. Children  will be provided with a rich and stimulating environment and daily  opportunities to explore, discover and grow through hands-on  experiences!

Thank  you for considering Premier Early Learning Center (PELC) to fulfill  your childcare needs! PELC is committed to providing a safe, nurturing  and developmentally appropriate learning environment for your child.

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