About us

Premier Early Learning Center Child Care

Our Vision

Premier Early Learning Center’s vision is to be the Standard of 

Excellence in Early Childhood Care.

Our Mission

At  Premier Early Learning Center, our mission is to provide a safe and  developmentally appropriate learning environment, which fosters a  child’s natural desire to explore, discover and grow.  Premier Early  Learning Center will provide an atmosphere that encourages and  strengthens social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth through  children’s play and small and whole group instruction in the classroom.  These opportunities and experiences provided throughout the day will  provide children with the tools and skills required to become  independent lifelong learners and confident problem solvers.

Our Philosophy

Premier  Early Learning Center reflects the research-based understanding that  play is a necessary tool to children’s health and well-being, and  foundational to children learning. Children express curiosity, interest,  initiative and problem solving in exploring the environment, engaging  in experiences, and learning new skills. We believe children learn and  develop when exposed to a rich and stimulating environment.   This  requires highly qualified teachers, a child centered curriculum, and  developmentally appropriate materials and equipment. Children are  provided with daily opportunities to explore curriculum topics with  teacher and expand their learning through play.  PELC provides  opportunities that encourage children to be able to explore, discover  and grow through hands-on experiences!


 A Safe and Secure Environment​

We  take childcare security serious and have cameras in every class room,  doorway, halls and the exterior of the building.  Our building is  equipped with a key-less entry system, as doors remain locked at all  times.  Each parent is assigned a security access code that allows them  into our lobby.  Once in the lobby, the child is checked into our  electronic attendance system. The system ensures that only authorized  people pick up children. The system is equipped with a bio-metric scanner,  that will verify identity and grant access to the class room area. 

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